Platform key component, finished


One of the cornerstones and most innovative parts during the construction of the tidal platform within Magallanes Project was presented in public.

Magallanes Renovables finalised the manufacture of the most valuable and complex component of the prototype which will serve for obtaining energy from tides. This is the centre of the turbine, the hub in which three blades will be assembled below the sea level.
The component has been designed by Magallanes Renovables and the University of Vigo, with contributions from the specialised engineering of the partner company Coterena, as well as the technological involvement of 14 engineering companies and suppliers; it weighs 15.5 tons and has a length of 3.5 metres.
The technology applied is named variable pitch, aimed at making the most of the rise and fall of the tides; it is the only component of this kind that allows a blade pitch angle up to 270°.
Picture of the component in which the three blades of the prototype will be assembled.
The minister of Economy and Industry of the Galician authorities, Mr Francisco Conde, visited Coterena plant in Vigo during the assembly of the hub. Coterena is a company specialised in high technological development engineering with extensive experience in shipbuilding industry. The representative of the Galician authorities highlighted the business collaboration and technological cooperation among Galician research centres and knowledge institutions.

Magallanes Project continues the development and construction in Galicia of its prototype capable of producing energy from tidal currents. It is the first Spanish project developed on a floating-technology basis, and one the most advanced in its R&D&I stage in the world. The project has been conceived, produced and developed in Galicia, in an 8-year process of research and tests in which more than 40 researchers from the three Galician universities and other technological centres have been involved.

Magallanes Renovables has invested almost EUR 8 million in R&D&I and forecasts a total investment of EUR 13 million until the marketing phase, expected within one year.

Magallanes Project is based in producing and developing in Galicia the platforms that will be then exported to areas with higher intensity and velocity of tidal currents.

Magallanes Project was already tested in the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), with a 1:10 scale model of the platform, at the end of 2014. Currently, the assembly of the full-scale floating platform continues in Cardama Shipyard, in Vigo.