Europe meets Magallanes Renovables


Tidal energy is starting to be known in Europe thanks to companies like Magallanes Renovables. Due to the validation of the ATIR platform operation, Magallanes has been able to show in several European events that a 100% predictable and reliable renewable energy is possible.

The most important events have taken place in Dublin, #OEE2019, and Amsterdam, #RE-Source and #OffshoreEnergy19: Magallanes Renovables had the opportunity to present the latest success of the ATIR electric power generation and demonstrate to a wider audience the feasibility of this project.

Thanks to our collaboration with EMEC, we enjoyed a privileged position in the event organized by the Ocean Energy Europe in Dublin. Currently, this event is the most important one in the ocean energy sector in Europe, as among its attendees it has large companies from the renewable energy sector, European public companies and research centers, among other key organizations that contribute to the sector growth. Our Managing Director, Mario Iglesias, had the opportunity to explain our participation in the NEMMO Project in the debate \\\\\\\"Reducing LCOE: maximising production while minimising CAPEX\\\\\\\".

We also played a special role in the Offshore Energy Event, held in Amsterdam. Due to the fact that Magallanes Renovables is currently the only company that is generating electricity and pouring it into the grid, we had the opportunity to participate in the Marine Energy Event conference. Alejandro Marques de Magallanes, our CEO, was in charge of presenting the generation success and being part of a panel called “Marine energy solutions as successful export products”. Thanks to the Dutch Marine Energy Center, we had the opportunity to reveal ourselves as the strong and successful company we are.

Magallanes Renovables will participate in more events before the year’s end, and we are already planning a 2020 focused outside the European borders. The success of our participation in these events shows that we have a strong and prepared project for the world market.